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Unique hookah lounge offering top-notch hookah varieties, a wide selection of smooth flavors, and a team of skilled and experienced staff members.

Welcome to My Hookah Cafe Lounge

Looking for a lively yet relaxing hookah experience? Head on over to My Hookah Cafe Lounge in Chicago. Surf the web from your tablet or laptop on My Hookah Cafe Lounge's complimentary WiFi.

Featuring an extensive selection of exotic flavors and lively yet relaxing atmosphere, the hookah lounge at My Hookah Cafe offers one of the best hookah experiences in Chicagoland area.

Come on in and enjoy your choice of flavored tobacco in the best hookah lounge!


My Hookah Cafe

5806 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

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Offering specialized Hookah and foods of popular tastes.

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